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A paragraph, straight out of my tangled mind.

“Her name was Kelly,” a deep, booming voice told us. “Kelly Veronica Krause.” I looked around and saw what turned out to be Alvin Krause who Cynthia had left on the patio to take a breather. “She worked for a

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A Brief History of Mine…

Just been looking through some old documents to figure out a specific date that I came up with the concept of my novel – managed to find the original document, created on 07-03-2013 which means it is more like two

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Headaches, Hassles and Horseshit.

So I think I wrote about it on my About Me page, I’m born and bred in Liverpool but currently hang my hat in Greater London. I do get back and visit my family who still reside in Liverpool as

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10,000 words and growing…

Long Days and Pleasant Nights to you all! I just wanted to share a quick update and tell everyone and anyone that I have no reached and (just about) passed 10,000 words of my novel. I feel it is a

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Protagonist Names, Name Generators and Word Counts.

So even though I haven’t posted much about it, I have been writing at any given opportunity. As I posted about over the weekend, I was torn between two names for my protagonist; my original creation was Greg Livermore. I

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Hypnotic – Prologue

So this is the Prologue to my novel ‘Hypnotic’. Please let me know your thoughts and feedback. Clare tied back her long blonde hair and opened the freezer door. She wondered what flavour of ice cream would make her feel

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Hello world!

Thank you for visiting my wordpress blog. Here is a little bit about what the blue blazes I am doing here. So it all started a few years ago; I think it was around two years ago that I had

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