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Habeas Corpseus by P.R. Johnson – A Review

A cleverly-combined, multi-genre novel   I was asked to read Habeas Corpseus as an advanced reader in exchange for an honest review. The novel is a combination of genres; none of which are normally to my taste but I was

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The Long and Short Of It.

I’ve been chipping away at my full length novel here and there since the beginning of the year. Aside from one or two full writing sessions though, I have struggled to find my flow with it. Being part of a

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Taking 2016 by the balls.

I’ve been keeping a low profile for the last few months, while dealing with a number of personal issues. The writing fires just haven’t been burning since September/October. I decided around the beginning of November to take a step back

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I Can’t Wait To Be On The Road Again.

Salutations everyone! So as I have said in my last few posts, I have been going through something of a transition recently. Well without dredging over the same old story, I’ll just give you a quick update as to what

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Flat Hunting

So currently I am searching for somewhere to live in ‘that’ London, the Big Smoke…whatever you call it. The search is taking up 100% of my non-working life and, as things stand is turning up nothing of note. I’ve been

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Life happens and Shit goes on.

Hello out there. It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my page here for a few reasons. The last four to five weeks have been quite out of the ordinary. It started with a phone call from

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Excerpts and Snippets.

So I am going to try and post snippets of my novel every few days. Seeing as I am about 17,000 words through now, I might go back and choose some excerpts from what I have already written as opposed

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A paragraph, straight out of my tangled mind.

“Her name was Kelly,” a deep, booming voice told us. “Kelly Veronica Krause.” I looked around and saw what turned out to be Alvin Krause who Cynthia had left on the patio to take a breather. “She worked for a

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A Brief History of Mine…

Just been looking through some old documents to figure out a specific date that I came up with the concept of my novel – managed to find the original document, created on 07-03-2013 which means it is more like two

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Headaches, Hassles and Horseshit.

So I think I wrote about it on my About Me page, I’m born and bred in Liverpool but currently hang my hat in Greater London. I do get back and visit my family who still reside in Liverpool as

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