I’m terrible at blogging.

It’s been too long. Happy birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Good, now that’s out the way . . .

I realise I am so bad at keeping these pages updated. I built this site around the time A Journey of Words came out in 2016, but I’ve failed miserably at updating it or actually even writing blog posts regularly.

So I vow to change that in 2018. Yes, I’m sure I’ve said that before, but I definitely feel I believe myself when I say I will keep it going.

And with that, I have some news!

I’ve written another short story over the last few months, called The Main Event. I submitted this piece to Scout Media for their latest volume of their Of Words anthology, A Contract of Words. I heard a few days ago that the story received a ‘3’ rating, which in Scout Media speak means it has been chosen as one of the stories for the anthology. The story follows an up-and-coming wrestler as he is about to sign a contract (required element)  for a local wrestling company and what he does to climb the ladder of success. I believe this will be published in Spring of this year but stay tuned for more information as I get it.

So on that bombshell, thanks for reading and check out my social media pages for updates.

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Bonus Blog Swap Tour – Analise Paone

So I know I told you guys the last Blog Swap Tour post was on Thursday and it was. But just like how her story pops up at the end of A Journey of Words as a sort of bonus story, it was decided that Analise’s blog interview would be added as a bonus at the end of the tour. A Journey of Words is available through Scout Media’s website (www.scoutmediabooksmusic.com) and now Amazon worldwide as well as all good book retailers. You can also purchase the book personally from your favourite AJOW author for a signed copy. So the only thing left for me to do is introduce the youngest member of our talented storytellers, at 9 years old, I give you Analise Paone.
Author Name: Analise Paone

Title of your AJOW story: The Other World

Synopsis: A girl stumbles into an alternate scary world through a blue glow and meets all the classic monsters.

What inspired you to write this story: 

I love to watch scary movies like “Poltergeist” and read scary books like “Goosebumps.” I love scary stuff so I thought to myself, “yeah, I should try that.”

How long have you been writing: 

I came up with story ideas when I was 6 years old, but I didn’t have the time to write them. When I turned 7 years old, I started to write poems, and when I was 8 years old, I started writing short stories and stapling the pages together and showing them to my family.

What genre do you usually write in: 

Horror, comedy, and non-fiction.

What are you working on right now: 

I’m working on my first comic book and trying to work on more non-fiction stories and poetry.

What advice would you give to new writers: Come up with an idea and write it on paper first with a pencil so you can erase your mistakes. If you don’t know how to end a story or get stuck on a part, ask someone to help you. Also, put a lot of details and make your story make sense.

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Blog Swap Tour – William Thatch

So we’ve reached the final instalment of the Blog Swap Tour. No, please don’t cry. Here, have a tissue to wipe those tears away. They say ‘save the best until last.’ In today’s guest author, we definitely have one of the best. William Thatch’s story The Highway features alongside my own story, Get Your Kicks on Route 66 in Scout Media’s short story anthology, A Journey of Words. The book is available through Scout Media’s website, through Amazon and other good book retailers. Don’t forget to leave a review once you’ve read the book. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
Author Name: William Thatch

Title of your AJOW story: The Highway

Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story: 

An abused dog gets free from her owner and goes on an adventure to see and smell things she hasn’t seen and smelled before.

What inspired you to write this story? 

A couple of things. First and foremost would be my own dogs. They’re full of personality, and the family often does voices for them for our own amusement which has led to a unique vocabulary for the dogs. For example, in the story the dog refers to cars as “Big Metal Beasts” and doesn’t understand that it isn’t an animal, similar to to the voices / characters that our dogs have grown to be. Secondly, a character in the story called ‘The Good Man’ is the protagonist of a novel I’m working on titled The Wayward Son. The novel begins with his having walked from Las Vegas, Nevada to Riverton, Wyoming. I’d been daydreaming about what all happened on his way there, but didn’t feel there was a story from his perspective about the walk. But, there was plenty of story in the dog going for a walk and happening to meet him.

How long have you been writing? 

Twenty-two years, give or take. I wrote my first story when I was five or six.

What genre do you usually write in and why? 

Science fiction. Everything I’m writing is set in the same world somehow. Sometimes the science fiction would be obvious, like characters having some sort of supernatural powers. Other times it’s background details, like more advanced robotics than what we have, but it isn’t the focus of the story. I usually pair the sci-fi with something else, like noir or westerns.

What else are you working on writing at the moment? 

As mentioned above I’m working on the Wayward Son, a novel about a man whose life has fallen to pieces and is returning to his childhood home to put it all back together. I have the first draft of a short story written for Scout Media’s next anthology (A Haunting of Words), titled Hollywoodland, Baby. I’m also in the process of preparing two television pitches—the Extinction Event and the Caper Chronicles. The Extinction Event has also been written as a series of short stories, but how and when that would be released is a unknown.

What advice do you have to give to new writers?  

Write. You’ll suck at first, but we all did. It takes time to learn how to do this properly. Just write, make mistakes, and learn from them. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll spot when you did something wrong and figure out how to not make that mistake the next time.

How can people discover more about you and your work?

Website: http://williamthatch.wix.com/author

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The0s1s/

Twitter: @The_0s1s

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Blog Swap Tour – Uni Brown

Fleetwood Mac once said, “Monday Morning, you sure look fine.” Well this Monday Morning will look even better when you read today’s Blog Swap post. Today features the wonderful Uni Brown and her story Healers. Remember to give some love to the authors, if you have bought or intend to buy the A Journey of Words, don’t forget to review through Amazon and Goodreads.

Author Name: Uni Brown

Title of AJOW Story: The Healers

Synopsis of AJOW Story: A woman suffering loss finds the healing she needs, but at what cost?

What inspired you to write this story?

My husband was in the hospital having surgery and while waiting for him to get out I stopped at the chapel.

How long have you been writing?

 I think I was 7. I wrote a story about how a paragraph was a pair of giraffes and a paradox was a pair of ducks.

What genre do you usually write in and why?

I dislike labels. I write stories in whichever genre best fits the overall theme or moral of a story I want to tell. I’d like to think my stories get people thinking. If pushed I’d have to say probably speculative fiction, or mystery with a touch of romance or paranormal. I write fiction and non-fiction, 99% guaranteed there’s going to be an animal in it.

What else are you working on writing at the moment?

Slow progression in a paranormal fantasy series, a mystery, a few short story ideas and a coffee table book of my dog photography. I’m trialing a process of open writing online on a near daily basis using another name (basically first draft writing in public with immediate feedback.) Nothing like adding a little stress. 🙂

What advice do you have to give to new writers? Don’t sit on your ass all the time. You have to get out and live.

How can people discover more about you and your work?



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Blog Swap Tour – D.T. Sako

Remember that nursery rhyme, Monday’s Child? If I remember correctly, Thursday’s Child had far to go and Friday’s Child was loving and giving. I’m going to switch that around today and be loving and giving on Thursday by offering up another Blog Swap Tour post. Today showcases D.T. Sako and his story Baby-Blue Bug. If you have already bought and read A Journey of Words, don’t forget to review the book on Amazon and Goodreads. If you haven’t yet, what the hell are you waiting for?? 🙂

Author Name: D.T. Sako
Title of your AJOW story: Baby-Blue Bug
Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story: A guy who is down on his luck buys a VW Beetle at a price he couldn’t refuse. Of course, there’s more than meets the eye… 🙂
What inspired you to write this story?

It started as the challenge of writing a “journey” story for AJOW. I brought in my own experiences with a baby-blue Bug (my first car), and the story sort of told itself from that point on.
How long have you been writing?

I know exactly! 🙂 When I was nine years old, I decided I wanted to write a boy-detective story. I pulled my dad’s Underwood typewriter out of the closet (weighed more than me – LOL), and typed out what I recall was a 2 1/2 page story.
What genre do you usually write in and why?

I love horror, so I’ve gravitated to that genre. From roller coasters to Jack the Ripper films, I’ve always relished the cold tendrils of fear wending up my spine, and wanted to subject others to the same. 🙂 But as the answer to the next question shows, my interests stray…
What else are you working on writing at the moment?

I have four novels in various stages of completion. A completed draft of one I call “supernatural noir” because I’m not sure how well it dovetails into any particular genre. A second WIP is definitely “classic” horror. A third WIP is historical fiction (I absolutely LOVE history). And the fourth is fantasy (doesn’t a bit of Tolkien flow through all of us?).
What advice do you have to give to new writers?

Write. Read. Write. Read.
How can people discover more about you and your work?


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Blog Swap Tour – Travis West

Monday, Monday, So good to me. Well, Monday is also being good to you today folks. For today’s Blog Swap Tour post, I present to you, Travis West and his story, The Errandsman’s Folly. Any story inspired by Monty Python has to be great right? Buy A Journey of Words and find out for yourself. When you’ve bought and read, remember to review!

Author Name: Travis West
Title of your AJOW story: The Errandsman’s Folly
Synopsis: A king’s errandsman leading a caravan to deliver supplies for the princess’s wedding gets more than he bargained for when he’s also tasked with harboring an urchin.
What inspired you to write this story?

I had an image in my head one day of a man leading a caravan of toad riders. Then I started thinking of how jarring it would be to ride a hopping toad all day, so I changed toads to salamanders. The thought of little people riding amphibians put me in mind of Monty Python for some reason, and I knew the story had to have obvious comic elements.
How long have you been writing?

I started writing in high school. Creative writing in English class was always my favorite. My sophomore English teacher even wrote my parents a letter, asking them to encourage me to continue writing. Which I did until graduation. We don’t always make the best decisions in early adulthood, and writing was forgotten although I still read all the time. Two years ago I sat down one night and wrote the beginnings of a story and I’m still going

What genre do you usually write in and why?

I don’t write with genre in mind. I’m currently (and slowly) working on a novel about the beginnings of a rock band in the early eighties. However, I’ve found that most of my short stories are speculative in one form or another. So I definitely see myself writing novels in the literary fiction genre, and my short stories can be a bit more fantastical.
What else are you working on?

My novel, which is currently untitled. I think I tried to jump into novel writing too soon, and I’ve spent the last nine months or so concentrating solely on writing shorts. It’s really helped me to improve my writing. A Haunting of Words may be the last “. . . of Words” collection I participate in for a while because the time feels right to finish the novel. Those characters are still very much with me and they need to speak their piece.
What advice do you have to give new writers?

Beyond the advice to keep writing, don’t ever be afraid to let others read what you’ve written. Insight from other minds is tremendously underrated as far as I’m concerned. There’s no rule saying you have to use anyone’s advice, but just hearing other opinions can spark ideas in you that you might not have been able to reach on your own.
How can people discover more about you and your work?

My blog, which currently needs some attention: travisjackflash.blogspot.com

And at: Facebook.com/traviswestwrites

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Blog Swap Tour – Laurie Gardiner

Thursday is here. Have no fear though, tomorrow is Friday! And it just so happens I have some lite reading material to get you through the day. Today’s Blog Swap Tour post features Laurie Gardiner and her amazing story Retribution. When I read this story, I had to put down A Journey of Words for a few days to recover from its power. Here is Laurie’s interview, remember to check out her website and facebook page, as well as her incredible first novel, Tranquility.


Author name: Laurie Gardiner
Title of AJOW story: Retribution
Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story:  They say life can change in the blink of an eye. Ray Tremblay is living proof. In one horrific moment his world shatters. Now, the man who destroyed his family has nowhere to hide, and Ray has nothing to lose.
What inspired you to write this story:

Retribution was inspired by a news story I read about a family on a road trip.
How long have you been writing? As long as I can remember.
What genre do you usually write in?

My first novel, Tranquility, is women’s fiction. The novel I’m working on now is contemporary young adult. I enjoy reading and writing in a wide variety of genres.
What else are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a second novel and a short story.
What advice do you have to give to new writers?

Never stop learning. The more you know about writing, and about yourself as a writer, the better you will become.
How can people discover more about you and your work?


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Blog Swap Tour – Lauren Nalls

(Tell me why) I don’t like Mondays, said the Boomtown Rats. I can’t do that, but I can tell you why you SHOULD like Mondays. Yes, you guessed it, another Blog Swap Tour post! Today features Lauren Nalls and her story Loose Ends. Remember, if you have bought and read A Journey of Words, don’t forget to review and show some love to the authors involved.

Author Name: Lauren Nalls
Title of your AJOW story: Loose Ends
Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story:

A woman flies home to see her terminally ill father one last time. Through her own preparation, she is able to guide her family though the doors of death, and in the process, gets to know her dad, herself, and her own strength.
What inspired you to write this story?

Therapy. Writing is always therapeutic. My greatest hope is someone will read my story and better know what to expect so they can spend calm, focused, last moments with a loved one.
How long have you been writing?

Since I was small, like so many other authors. I was first published in 2012, so I guess professionally since 2012.
What genre do you usually write in and why?

Literary Fiction. Historical Fiction. I love conveying feelings, detailed scenes, and beautiful periodic moments.
What else are you working on writing at the moment?

My current WIP, “Dear Jonah” is a story spanning the lifetime of a tortured mind, and my second WIP “American Gypsy”, is set in a 1930’s-40’s era traveling carnival. Both are coming-of-age novels.
What advice do you have to give to new writers?

Number one: realize you don’t know everything, or, maybe, anything at all. Be humble, be willing to take direction. Don’t get hurt by honest feedback, you can take it or leave it, but everyone is a potential reader. Have a thick skin but think seriously about what your readers are telling you. Read in your genre, read outside of your genre, educate yourself, write, pay the money for good editing, and believe your editor. Repeat this process forever.
How can people discover more about you and your work?

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Blog Swap Tour – S.W. Anderson

Greetings readers and welcome to yet another Blog Swap Tour post. Sorry for saturating your timelines with my posts this week. Today’s post is for yesterday’s featured author, S.W. Anderson and one of my favourite stories so far in AJOW, The Last Human. Enjoy!

Author Name: S.W. Anderson

Title of your AJOW story: The Last Human

Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story: Emily is the last known human on earth.  Her dog, Bruiser, and trusted butler robot, Oliver, take a short trip to find food, but encounter unexpected obstacles along their way.

What inspired you to write this story?

A writing prompt I found on Reddit.  The prompt was something like “you’re the last human in a world full of robots and you’re dying.  What do you say to your robot who’s been with you through everything?”  The responses were centered mostly around older gentlemen dying of old age, in their comfortable hospital bed, but I decided that it wouldn’t happen like that at all.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in high school for newspapers, continued writing research papers through college, and began writing fiction on my own about a year ago.

What genre do you usually write in and why?

I guess it’s technically called “slipstream.”  Young adult dystopian sci-fi would be my primary genre I guess, but I do have a story or two that won’t be in this genre.

What else are you working on writing at the moment?

I’m currently working on my A Haunting of Words (AHOW) story, along with two more short stories.  I hope to publish them all (4 or 5 total) in my own anthology some day.  I’ve also been working on two novels as well, editing one and writing the other.

What advice do you have to give to new writers?

I guess my biggest struggle as a writer is learning that it’s okay to take time out to write.  You need to do something for you, and if that means you have to find a babysitter or ask your husband to watch the kids for a while to fit in writing time, then don’t feel guilty about it.  The best advice that was given to me so far, however, is that your main goal is to get eyes on the page, even if that means putting your work up on a blog for free for a while.  I was hesitant to “give away my work for free,” but I was really glad I did it in the end.  It gave me a lot of confidence to continue on and write more!

How can people discover more about you and your work?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/s.w.anderson.author

Blog: http://www.swanderson.net

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Blog Swap Tour – K.N. Johnson

Welcome to my third catch-up post for the Blog Swap Tour. Today’s spotlight shines brightly on K.N. Johnson and her story ‘Dead Head Mile’. Find her story, along with my own, in the short story anthology A Journey of Words, available through Scout Media’s website, and through Amazon and other book retailers. If you have read the book, remember to review.

Author Name: K.N. Johnson
Title of your AJOW story: Dead Head Mile
Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story: A postman skis his route in a remote, snowy region only to discover someone or something arrived before him.
What inspired you to write this story?

I came across the true story of Snowshoe Thompson, the legendary skiing mailman, as well as folk legends of the Loup Garou and Sidehill Gouger. I’m intrigued by how stories, both true and legend, morph with time. I think many folk legends grew out of people trying to understand the world around them with the limited knowledge they had. When someone is experiencing pure fear, imaginary creatures may seem very possible, very real.
How long have you been writing?

Since childhood. I remember a Halloween where I cried to be a princess, but we had nothing of that sort in the house. My mom dressed me in my dad’s shirt with pens in the pocket, popped a men’s fedora on my head with a paper proclaiming “PRESS”. She handed me a clipboard and said, “Well, you’re the writer in the family.” She was right, of course. I’d create little newspapers about family events, miniature magazines for Barbie dolls, children’s books in scribble pads, and even tiny, folded notes for my mother denouncing her for not buying me enough books. My room was consumed with my writings and paper creations. My poor mother!
What genre do you usually write in and why?

In general, I write horror. Or let’s say, those are the stories I seem to complete. For many reasons, I was a fearful child plagued by nightmares and this led to a strange pursuit of everything paranormal, haunting, or reality-bending. I’d like to think writing in this genre works out my own fears, but I still have the nightmares. Now I just write them down.
What else are you working on writing at the moment?

I’m revising my debut novel, tentatively titled “The Birthling”. I’m easily distracted with other ideas, though, and am also working on stories about an Amberola that foretells the future and a couple so obsessed with digging for treasure, they risk their most important treasure of all.
What advice do you have to give to new writers?

Read writers you love and try to figure out why you love their stories. Then, make time to write. Write absolute rubbish just to get your story down. You can’t be a writer if you don’t write, write, write.
How can people discover more about you and your work?
Facebook: www.facebook.com/knjohnsonauthor
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01KUNOBP6

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