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Bonus Blog Swap Tour – Analise Paone

So I know I told you guys the last Blog Swap Tour post was on Thursday and it was. But just like how her story pops up at the end of A Journey of Words as a sort of bonus

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Blog Swap Tour – William Thatch

So we’ve reached the final instalment of the Blog Swap Tour. No, please don’t cry. Here, have a tissue to wipe those tears away. They say ‘save the best until last.’ In today’s guest author, we definitely have one of

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Blog Swap Tour – Uni Brown

Fleetwood Mac once said, “Monday Morning, you sure look fine.” Well this Monday Morning will look even better when you read today’s Blog Swap post. Today features the wonderful Uni Brown and her story Healers. Remember to give some love

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Blog Swap Tour – D.T. Sako

Remember that nursery rhyme, Monday’s Child? If I remember correctly, Thursday’s Child had far to go and Friday’s Child was loving and giving. I’m going to switch that around today and be loving and giving on Thursday by offering up

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Blog Swap Tour – Travis West

Monday, Monday, So good to me. Well, Monday is also being good to you today folks. For today’s Blog Swap Tour post, I present to you, Travis West and his story, The Errandsman’s Folly. Any story inspired by Monty Python

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Blog Swap Tour – Laurie Gardiner

Thursday is here. Have no fear though, tomorrow is Friday! And it just so happens I have some lite reading material to get you through the day. Today’s Blog Swap Tour post features Laurie Gardiner and her amazing story Retribution.

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Blog Swap Tour – Lauren Nalls

(Tell me why) I don’t like Mondays, said the Boomtown Rats. I can’t do that, but I can tell you why you SHOULD like Mondays. Yes, you guessed it, another Blog Swap Tour post! Today features Lauren Nalls and her

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Blog Swap Tour – S.W. Anderson

Greetings readers and welcome to yet another Blog Swap Tour post. Sorry for saturating your timelines with my posts this week. Today’s post is for yesterday’s featured author, S.W. Anderson and one of my favourite stories so far in AJOW,

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Blog Swap Tour – K.N. Johnson

Welcome to my third catch-up post for the Blog Swap Tour. Today’s spotlight shines brightly on K.N. Johnson and her story ‘Dead Head Mile’. Find her story, along with my own, in the short story anthology A Journey of Words,

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Blog Swap Tour – Patrica Stover

Hello again from the Blog Swap Tour train! Today’s stopover features the very talented Patrica Stover and her story ‘Creepers’. Patrica’s story can be found in the short story anthology A Journey of Words, alongside my own story, Get Your

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