A Journey of Words.

My last post on this blog was 31/01/2016. I mentioned the short story I was starting to work on and hoping to submit to be published as part of an Anthology.

Almost four months to the day since that post and here is the update.

I continued to write this short story, chipping away at it, here and there, hoping to finish before the deadline of May 1st. I had my final written piece done by the beginning of April at which point it was time to send it to an editor to bleed over.

Between April 10th and May 16th, I revised my story, based on the suggestions of my editor and finally managed to finish the story, edits and all. Finding time to complete these edits came in between working a lot and trying to find somewhere else to call home.

My submission, along with eighty-four others, were read by one of the owner of the publishing company responsible for the Anthology. He would grade each story 1 (rejection), 2 (to be judged by Beta readers), and 3 (acceptance). My story received a 2, meaning it would be judged by 13 Beta Readers, made up of 3s. These fellow authors would decide Yes or No and if my story received 10-13 Yes votes, it would become a 3 and therefore a part of the Anthology.

I was proud of being rated a 2. Very proud. This story is the first piece I have written, finished, and submitted and for it to not be rejected straight away was amazing to me. Then came the most agonising wait of my life.

It took a week to hear an answer. Every time my phone chimed at me to notify me of an email my heart skipped a beat. Until Sunday, yesterday. I was at work at the time and checked the time on my phone, only to see I had an email waiting for me. From the publishing company. I read the email, out loud to a friend (the same friend I mentioned in the last blog) twice, just to make sure I was correct in what I had read. My story had been chosen to be part of Scout Media’s 2016 short story anthology, A Journey of Words.

The resulting attack of feelings isn’t something I can convey in a blog post. The thought of me becoming a published author isn’t something I can quite fathom, one day later. But there it is.

For 13 fellow authors to decide my story was good enough to side alongside their own in a published collection was nothing short of amazing.

I also felt validated. From the beginning of my writing journey, more so last summer, I have had an immense amount of support from people around me, apart from person I would’ve wanted to support me, no matter what. That person is no longer part of my life and good riddance to them. With the news I am soon-to-be a published author, it acts as an I-told-you-so to that person. I feel proud for carrying on my journey despite this individual’s lack of support, and validated that I can prove how wrong they were to doubt me.

How wrong they were.

Aspiring Writer from Liverpool, living in London, currently working on my first Novel 'Hypnotic'.

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