I Can’t Wait To Be On The Road Again.

Salutations everyone!

So as I have said in my last few posts, I have been going through something of a transition recently.

Well without dredging over the same old story, I’ll just give you a quick update as to what is currently happening.

I have found a place to live! Rejoice! It is a room in a house share and I am excited to sign the contract on Saturday and seal the deal. Then I can focus on when I can move in which I am hoping will also be this weekend (not really likely though).

Then, once I have moved and settled, I can FINALLY continue this journey that I started back in June when I decided I was going to actively attempt to write this novel.

I have been looking upon this hiatus as more of an unscheduled rest stop on the trek from A to B. I have pulled in to take a rest stop at this motorway diner place and it is taking longer than I expected to get the car started again. It’s the cold weather probably. Alas, my Main Character, Dale Ford will be along shortly with his jump leads to give me a jump start. Then, together, we will be on the road again…and I can’t wait to be on the road again.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights.


Aspiring Writer from Liverpool, living in London, currently working on my first Novel 'Hypnotic'.

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One comment on “I Can’t Wait To Be On The Road Again.
  1. Kas says:

    I’ll be waiting for you to find my next victim! 😜


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