Life happens and Shit goes on.

Hello out there.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my page here for a few reasons. The last four to five weeks have been quite out of the ordinary. It started with a phone call from my Father to tell me that my cousin, whom I had spent a lot of my childhood with, at 28 years old at taken his own life. It turns out he had been suffering from Depression in the last few months and even though he was due to have an assessment with the charity MIND to seek help, he took his own life on August 4th.

Personally, the news impacted me greatly. I harboured many regrets and ‘should have, would have, could have’ feelings about my cousin. I regretted not being in contact with him for the past six or seven years, aside from the odd birthday and Christmas message on Facebook. But sometimes, life just gets in the way. He moved to live in Sheffield while I stayed living in Liverpool before relocating even further away myself, to the South of England. I have come to terms with the fact that even if I had been in contact with him or seen him more than I did, it wouldn’t have changed anything. In the last two weeks, my cousin’s family and friends have scrambled together for two Charity Events in his memory and raised a collective amount of just under £8,000, which is only going to increase vastly.

I have decided to immortalise my cousin within my Novel, ‘Hypnotic’ although I haven’t decided in what capacity I am going to do that, nor have I sought the permission of the family.

My writing has taken a little hiatus, for that reason and for the other reason I have been on the quiet side recently. I am not going to get in to that in too much detail but the long term relationship I was in came to and end about a week or so ago. Relationships come and relationships go, so I have kind of made peace with the fact that I have to just dust myself off and carry on. The title of this blog has become my new favourite saying as a result of all of this that has happened in the last five weeks.

On a lighter note, I have Best Man duties to fulfill this Friday for my Brother. Being a writer, you would think I might have been able to throw together a speech of some description. Time has been a factor in this problem; I have struggled to find the time to dedicate to actually writing the speech but also, I am struggling to know what to write. Best Man Speeches have a reputation for being funny and trying to write funny isn’t something I have mastered yet. I may improvise or I may try and get something down before the day, I haven’t actually decided yet.

So that is my update, my excuse, my reason for not being particularly active recently. When things return to normality, after the Wedding, once I have moved out of my current place of residence (where I was living with my partner), I will endeavour to post more stuff regularly and keep this site active and updated with my progress.

Until next time, Happy Trails, Long Days and Pleasant Nights and remember: Our Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Aspiring Writer from Liverpool, living in London, currently working on my first Novel 'Hypnotic'.

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