Excerpts and Snippets.

So I am going to try and post snippets of my novel every few days. Seeing as I am about 17,000 words through now, I might go back and choose some excerpts from what I have already written as opposed to posting stuff I have just written all the time. But we’ll see how it goes and if it works.

Here is a bit that I have just written, following on from the scene that I posted a few days ago with Alvin and Kelly Krause.

I turned to where Mr Krause was standing, in the doorway out to the garden. He was holding a cigarette. “Mr Krause, would you be willing to visit us at the station for an official statement of what you witnessed here?”

“Whatever you want. Anything that will help get to the truth,” he replied as he put the cigarette in his mouth. “This one is for you, Kelly. You know how much I hated it when you smoked. I am smoking this one for you, sweetheart.”

It was at that moment, Kelly Krause; the blonde woman lying on the kitchen floor, gasped and coughed for breath and for life.

Let me know what you think and if I should keep posting excerpts and snippets.

Aspiring Writer from Liverpool, living in London, currently working on my first Novel 'Hypnotic'.

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