Hello world!

Thank you for visiting my wordpress blog. Here is a little bit about what the blue blazes I am doing here.

So it all started a few years ago; I think it was around two years ago that I had an idea while I was in the shower (I know that probably sounds creepy but it isn’t). The idea was about a series of murder/suicides sweeping through the windy city of Chicago. I then developed the idea while it was fresh in my mind and created the antagonist and protagonist stories and started writing a bit of the story that I had.

Then I stopped.

I had the idea in my head, constantly loitering around the front of my thoughts and each time I thought of it, I developed the idea more and more. In my head. I didn’t get anything writing down for a few months. I was finding it difficult to commit time to my project. I was also relocating to London from Portsmouth around this time. (This was last year, around September)

It was only recently that I have really started to feel like writing properly. I had spoken to my new colleagues (a new job as a result of moving to London) about my project idea and some of them had responded positively to the idea. I also shared the idea with my friend who, being my best friend, would have told me to bore off if the idea wasn’t a good one. But he responded well to the outline I had given him too. With the power of positivity, I began writing again, I forced myself to make time to write. The writing wasn’t forced but the time to commit to the writing was. I knew what I wanted to write and that helped.

I started by polishing up what I had written already. Considering it was a rough, thrown together effort in the beginning, it probably wasn’t worth anything. After this, I had an idea to write the prologue, to set the scene going into the first chapter. After having 18-24 months to develop the idea in my head, I knew exactly what it was going to say. So I cracked on. I shared the prologue with my best friend and a colleague in work and both of them said it was a strong effort and they were desperate for more.

As it stands, I have written around 8,500 words which translates into a prologue and seven chapters. I thought it might be an idea to start sharing my progress with the cyber world and try to build a following. So I turned to twitter, tumblr and this here website, wordpress.

So that is the basic background to my reason for wordpressing. At some stage I will share the prologue with people; once there are people to share it with!

Thanks for reading.

Aspiring Writer from Liverpool, living in London, currently working on my first Novel 'Hypnotic'.

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