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Taking 2016 by the balls.

I’ve been keeping a low profile for the last few months, while dealing with a number of personal issues. The writing fires just haven’t been burning since September/October. I decided around the beginning of November to take a step back

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I Can’t Wait To Be On The Road Again.

Salutations everyone! So as I have said in my last few posts, I have been going through something of a transition recently. Well without dredging over the same old story, I’ll just give you a quick update as to what

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Flat Hunting

So currently I am searching for somewhere to live in ‘that’ London, the Big Smoke…whatever you call it. The search is taking up 100% of my non-working life and, as things stand is turning up nothing of note. I’ve been

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Life happens and Shit goes on.

Hello out there. It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my page here for a few reasons. The last four to five weeks have been quite out of the ordinary. It started with a phone call from

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Excerpts and Snippets.

So I am going to try and post snippets of my novel every few days. Seeing as I am about 17,000 words through now, I might go back and choose some excerpts from what I have already written as opposed

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A paragraph, straight out of my tangled mind.

“Her name was Kelly,” a deep, booming voice told us. “Kelly Veronica Krause.” I looked around and saw what turned out to be Alvin Krause who Cynthia had left on the patio to take a breather. “She worked for a

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A Brief History of Mine…

Just been looking through some old documents to figure out a specific date that I came up with the concept of my novel – managed to find the original document, created on 07-03-2013 which means it is more like two

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Headaches, Hassles and Horseshit.

So I think I wrote about it on my About Me page, I’m born and bred in Liverpool but currently hang my hat in Greater London. I do get back and visit my family who still reside in Liverpool as

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10,000 words and growing…

Long Days and Pleasant Nights to you all! I just wanted to share a quick update and tell everyone and anyone that I have no reached and (just about) passed 10,000 words of my novel. I feel it is a

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Protagonist Names, Name Generators and Word Counts.

So even though I haven’t posted much about it, I have been writing at any given opportunity. As I posted about over the weekend, I was torn between two names for my protagonist; my original creation was Greg Livermore. I

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